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Spam-Name Fiction:
A random writing prompt consisting of a name
taken from spam email, plus a noun and a verb.
Need Another?

A Name: Lilly Pickett
A Noun: clock
And A Verb: spring

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about sniction

Through the years, I've tried every trick in the book to create character names, but the names never sounded quite right (whatever that means). One day, while scrolling through spam email to make sure nothing legit was in there, I realized... "HEY! There are some great names here!" I started saving names to use when writing fiction. As my list of spam names grew, rather than keeping them for myself, I built this site as a spam-name writing-prompt generator.

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non-sniction apologies

Every day, more than a hundred billion spam emails are sent, often using fake names to make them appear as if they are legit. Some of those fake names also belong to real people. Obviously. Can you tell what I'm getting at here? If you googled yourself and found a link to something having to do with Sniction, I apologize and promise that the story in question wasn't about you - especially if the character with your name died. Clearly, you're still with us.

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sniction : contact

Hi, I'm Rob. I created Sniction as a way to encourage myself (and maybe you?) to do more creative writing through the use of simple prompts. I find it easier to write fiction if I'm given something to start with. That's why each randomly generated sniction prompt contains a name, a noun and a verb. Yes, I really do get the sniction character names from my spam email. Any questions? Feel free to

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